Wednesday, 17 August 2022

Strange Things Millionaires Do

Strange Things Millionaires Do With Their Money

These are the strangest financial habits of rich people. Whether you call it a luxury lifestyle, or a rich lifestyle, rich habits, or rich people habits, successful people &, etc. these are some crazy things your favorite celebs do! Mariah Carey, Elon Musk, Warren Buffet, Bono, Bill Gates, lady gaga and etc.

Strange Things Millionaires Do With Their Money

Monday, 15 August 2022

The most popular dating app

The most popular dating app in the United States

The first version of PatCnx (pronounced Pat Connects) has been released. Unlike the traditional approach to online dating that involves swiping, being ranked by computer algorithms, and never knowing who likes you, PatCnx has decided to take a new approach. PatCnx is focused on providing you endless amounts of options.

popular dating app in the United States


Saturday, 13 August 2022

Slider Windows VS Crank-Open Casement

If you are looking for a replacement window, you might compare different types and cost based on your previous experience. Slider and crank-open casement are both good for replacement windows. What is the cost of replacement windows of slider and crank-open casement?

Slider Windows VS Crank-Open Casement

Slider is one of traditional types of windows, widely used in common houses. Slider usually has two sashes and slides on the track to open horizontally up to half of the opening while free to control the opening space. It is easy to operate and safer. Sliders are generally installed in limited space, such as basement, kitchen, etc, as it doesn't take up any inside or outside space.


installation cost

What worries homeowners after buying windows, is to install windows. Different companies offer different service and charge differently. What homeowners want to know is: how much is the cost to install a window? What is the average cost? The following passages will give you more ideas about window installation.

What matters to installation cost?

As you already get your windows, you are looking for a window installation company to install your window well. What matters to installation cost? What do you need to know before making your decision? Well, what matters to window installation cost is: the type, the size, and weight, etc.


Picture Windows

If you are looking for replacement windows for your homes, you are curious to know the cost for replacement windows, especially fixed windows and single/ double hung.

Picture Windows & Double Hung

Fixed window is a window type that cannot open, also called picture window, as it was like a great picture hung at home with outside view reflection. Some transoms, skylights, and church windows, etc, are also fixed. Window with speciality, like round top, is often more fixed than operable. One of prominent features of picture window is it doesn't have any hardware, which means it is less expensive and low maintenance than other window types. As for energy efficiency, picture window is no doubt ranked top one with good air tightness, water tightness and sound insulation. Picture windows could be used independently or with another window types to form combination.